[-: Smile :-]

After a brief hiatus, the smile page is back. Simply put, there is no excuse not to smile every day.   Did something make YOU smile today? Let me know, and I'll add it to my page: sarah at purplegirl.org.


Ben painting Karen's toenails.
One kick ass party at Chez Sarah.

The new Paul Simon song on the Wild Thornberry's
Soundtrack, Father & Daughter.

Polo towel robes, and therefore, My Lainee.
I miss you lainee, and love you muchly.


I'm thinking 24 will be a good age.
Today has been absolutely phenomenal.
I have wonderful friends and family,
and I actually got what I asked for.

Elaine Louis smiled today after
reading THIS smile page.
I knew all sorts of good would
come from this page.

In three days I will become an old hag of 24.
Despite this, I am still smiling.
recent smiles attributable to:
adam gerard, kristen bosch, steve laniel, elaine louis
hava nagila(sp?), christopher rugen's father, and most importantly
two really great people deciding to spend their lives together.

Things are getting busy, but i'm still smiling!
Today, Todd Grapone looked at my site. : )

A wonderful and relaxing trip to San Francisco.
The beginning of a hard application process.
(Despite the stress, and it being hard, yes it's a smile.
See its the beginning of things beginning...)
And oh yes, i do check my access logs.

Family movie night, burnt boboli's.
Pig tails, bouncey balls, and pink sandals.
Baseball cards, kite flying, and
a me too, instead of i love you.

I swear that I have smiled in the last two months.
I've just been TOO busy smiling to remember to post it.
So here goes it all: Kenya, London, Niall, Niall, Nialll.

Yay mom! Yay Kenya! Yay new apartment!
Yay some balance.

Making Bassanova plans for friday and making headway in the apt. search!
Go me!

The excitement of getting to see mybecky and myniall.

two hour long foot rubs, and wonderful conversations all around.

The wee geek got to talk to a charming dirty irishman.

Talks with Adam, swanky new shirts and shiny blue nail polish.

My lainee and becky are coming!!! And this conversation:
sarah (11:41:48 AM): i love you becky
sarah (11:41:52 AM): just wanted to let you know
sarah (11:41:57 AM): that you're grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat
mybecky (11:42:11 AM): are you eating frosted flakes?
mybecky (11:42:18 AM): I love you too.
mybecky (11:42:32 AM): you're magically delicious